Do you require a dependable roofing service in Birmingham? Here at Lichfield Waterproofing Ltd, we are here to help with an extensive range of roofing options, including bitumen, hot melt and single-ply roofing solutions.

Our skilled team of roofers offers a comprehensive array of services, including installations and repairs, for a full range of roofs. As a company, we provide a transparent assessment of your roof, coupled with expert advice to ensure a quality service every time.

Bitumen Roofing in Birmingham

Also referred to as asphalt roofing, bitumen is known for its robustness and weather-resistance, making it a popular choice with commercial and industrial clients. Its exceptional durability, waterproof design and cost-effectiveness make it a highly suitable option for both flat and pitched roof types. At Lichfield Waterproofing Ltd, our expertise covers various bitumen roofing methods, including modified bitumen and built-up options.

Felt Roofing in Birmingham

One of the more budget-friendly roofing solutions available, felt roofing is a popular choice throughout the UK. We provide felt roofing in single, double and three-layer applications, while it can also be installed through either pour and roll or torch-applied techniques.

Hot Melt Roofing in Birmingham

Renowned for its longevity and durability, hot melt roofing involves a waterproof membrane applied to a flat roof to create an impermeable seal. Here at Lichfield Roofing, we offer two solutions – bitumen roofing, a form of waterproofing versatile enough to cover flat roofs or serve as a waterproof underlay beneath slate or tiles, and roll and pour, which involves applying bitumen to a roof alongside a felt sheet to create a seamless seal.

Liquid Roofing in Birmingham

Designed to waterproof flat and pitched roofs, as well as balconies and walkways, liquid roofing is a popular option with homeowners and businesses. At Lichfield Waterproofing Ltd, our specialists are fully trained in liquid roofing and travel throughout Birmingham and beyond to provide our services.

Roll & Pour Roofing in Birmingham

Durable and with an extended lifespan, roll and pour roofing involves a reinforced membrane applied with hot-bonding bitumen to the roof. However, as a complex installation process, it should always be carried out by experienced contractors. Here at Lichfield Waterproofing Ltd, we specialise in roll and pour roofing and offer professional installation alongside repair, replacement and maintenance services.

Single-Ply Roofing in Birmingham

Lightweight and durable, single-ply roofing is a suitable option for a wide range of structures – making it ideal for both commercial and industrial clients. As a business, we install and repair single-ply roofing for clients throughout Birmingham to provide them with a high-quality roofing solution.

Slate & Tile Roofing in Birmingham

Typically lasting three to four times longer than other roofing types, slate and tile roofing offers exceptional long-term value for money and an attractive traditional appearance popular with many. Our professional roofers are highly skilled at installing and repairing slate and tile roofs, and all hold the relevant insurance and qualifications for the work.

Why Choose Lichfield Waterproofing Ltd?

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