What is Liquid Waterproofing?

Highly versatile and great for protecting against harsher weather conditions, liquid waterproofing makes an ideal option for all types of business premises. However, understanding exactly what liquid waterproofing is, how it works, as well as its many benefits are not always clear.

So if you have questions, such as ‘what type of roof can liquid waterproofing be used on?’ for ‘how long does liquid waterproofing last?’ our straightforward What is Liquid Waterproofing? guide has the answers.  

What does liquid waterproofing entail?

Liquid waterproofing is a membrane which provides a water-resistant quality and is commonly applied as a liquid coating to a surface. The liquid coating is typically of a much thicker consistency when compared to the average paint and can expand and contract as the roof changes with age or due to the weather conditions.

What are the benefits of liquid waterproofing?

Liquid waterproofing provides many benefits, including:

  • When correctly applied, liquid waterproofing will provide a quality, seamless finish that should comfortably last for a number of years
  • Straightforward to apply, liquid waterproofing often only requires a brush, roller or sprayer to undertake the work
  • Liquid waterproofing is generally easy to care for and maintain
  • The membrane can be applied to both hot and cold surfaces, while it can also be used to cover hard-to-reach and complex surfaces

What type of roof can liquid waterproofing be used on?

Another great benefit of liquid roofing is its versatility when it comes to the types of a roof on which it can be applied. The liquid waterproofing membrane is suitable for both flat and pitched roofs, while it can also be installed on surface materials, including metal, concrete and modified bitumen.

How long does liquid waterproofing last?

At the very least, liquid waterproofing should last for a minimum of 10 years. However, depending on the materials used and the experience of the installer, liquid waterproofing can last up to 25 years or beyond.

How much does liquid waterproofing cost?

Liquid waterproofing costs vary widely depending on the area which requires covering, the type of roof and the installer you hire to fit the waterproofing. Prices typically start at around £150 and can rise to £1000 or higher.

What is liquid waterpoofing: final thoughts

Liquid roofing provides a wealth of advantages to property and developing an understanding of what it is can be of real benefit when planning to install it. 

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